We consultWe Consult

We work with you to identify needs, challenges and problems and your business, and then to creatively find a solution or solutions that work for you.  We take an approach of either implementing the solution for you, or working with you to implement the solution.  We believe that every business is unique and that there is no one size fits all option for businesses.  It’s about finding the unique recipe and combination of processes and techniques that works for you.


We are socialWe Are Social

With over 120,000 followers of our own, we understand what it’s like to navigate the online world of social media. Founder Haley Lynn Gray started and grew the Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook to over 60,000 members in just about 2 years, without spending tons of money, or engaging in questionable marketing techniques that can get your account blocked.  We have worked with all major platforms, and have experience building an engaging, interested audience, where the reach is organic.


Yellow Fractals- We AdvertiseWe Advertise

Advertising your business can take many forms. These include Facebook, Google Adwords, magazines, newspapers, and other major media. By taking a wholistic approach, we’re able to help you find a comprehensive solution for client acquisition, that works for you at a budget that makes sense for your business. It is frequently better to combine elements of PR, social media management, along with organic reach to maximize your advertising dollar spend.


Green FractalWe Build Websites

We specialize in websites for small businesses with a focus on helping you reach specific goals. By starting with your goals and objectives in mind, we can design an effective website that converts. We pre-build initial SEO or search engine optimization into the website as part of the design every time. Once we have your website copy, logo, and graphics, we can typically have your website up and running within one week.


We get you seen- Blue and Green FractalWe Get You Seen

Getting your business seen and noticed isn’t just about sending press releases.  It’s about helping you get established as the go-to business owner in your industry. By combining a variety of techniques from getting you featured in blogs, magazines, podcasts, radio shows, and sending out press releases, as well as managing your online reputation, we get your business seen, and found.



We Tell your Story - Blue and a little bit of green fractalWe Tell Your Story

If you want to send newsletters, put out blogs, and even write a book, we can help you tell your story.  We can either ghost write your book or articles, or go through a unique, collaborative process that will convert followers and fans to clients and customers.  We love to create content, and take a great deal of pride in helping you reach your target audience.



We Get You FoundWe Get You Found

We use a variety of techniques to improve your chances of getting found online and around town.  This includes Search Engine Optimization, using techniques that leverage social media, on page SEO, and Off Page SEO.  We believe in building high quality back links to your website, and employ only techniques that are considered to be “White Hat” by Google, so you are never penalized.



We Teach you how to do it.We Teach You How to Do It

Our team specializes in offering small group classes along with 1:1 coaching to help teach you how to do the pieces you want to do.  Sometimes, you may not decide that you want to do everything for yourself.  Instead you want to learn just enough to make sure that what you’re doing is effective, and that you are being sold the right things for your business. Whatever your preferences are, we offer a variety of classes, from local to online.


We Know Your Customer

Anyone can market, but if you don’t know WHO you are marketing to, nothing is going to work, no matter how much money you spend.  We take the time to analyze and understand your customer base.  We discover your business’ unique marketing magic.